Arrikrutz, the Caves of Oñati

Located in the highest peaks of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, in the heart of the Aizkorri mountain range, Oñati-Arrikrutz Cave is one of the most extensive caves in Gipuzkoa and an exceptional showcase of the karst landscape of the Basque Country. The cave, which was created by the erosion of the water on the rocks over the centuries, has been a pioneer in speleological and paleontological research in the Basque Country.

Arrikrutz: among prehistoric animals

Oñati-Arrikrutz Cave is unique for the paleontological discoveries made. Traces of the Woolly rhinoceros (Coleodonta antiquitatis), the Cave hyena (Crocuta crocuta spelaea) and Irish elks (Megaloceros giganteus) have been found, and the various skeletons of the Cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) are worth mentioning too. Nevertheless, the most important discovery so far has been the complete skeleton of the Eurasian Cave lion (Panthera leo spelaea). This skeleton, vestige of one of the biggest felids in our surroundings, is the first discovery made in Spain.

Trip to the “Sixth Continent”

We suggest a trip to the inner depths of Gipuzkoa, a trip to the so-called “Sixth Continent”. You just have to decide on the option that suits you best. Choose your experience!

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Animals are not allowed.

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