Our region and its natural surroundings

The history of Basque medieval towns is well reflected in our region, with examples such as the historical town of Arrasate-Mondragón or the monumental town of Bergara and its innovative Laboratorium Museum. A greenway connects these two towns to Oñati.

We must not forget Leintz-Gatzaga village, with its Salt Museum and the ancient King’s Highway, and Elgeta, with the Basque Interpretation Centre for Historical Memory. All of them are the most visited places in our valley.

The surrounding natural resources are also part of our gems, such as the Urkulu Reservoir in Aretxabaleta, the Ullibarri-Gamboa Reservoir in Arrazua-Barrundia and the high plateaus surrounded by mountains of the Aizkorri massif. Those are ideal places to enjoy leisure and free time, as we can go for a walk, cycle, observe birds or admire the diverse architecture of churches, farmhouses, etc.