Green Belt

Outside the city centre, but not far away from it, this town with unique identity, which is located by the hillside of the Aizkorri-Aratz Natural Park and the Aloña Mountain Range, brings us countless options to enjoy nature.

San Martin Park and the caravan service area of Oñati

Farmhouses and chapels in Oñati

A natural swimming area, Usako

Santa Lutzia Park

This park is located in the Berazao district of Oñati, just over one kilometre from the urban area. Close to this area are situated the fields where an International Sheepdog Trial is celebrated. Santa Lutzia Park, a place full of leafy threes and situated at the foot of the Aloña Mountain Range, where tables and seats have been set up, is ideal to have a rest and enjoy leisure and free time. Next to the park and surrounded by farmhouses, we find a chapel with the same name. It is the perfect getaway.