San Miguel’s Medieval Mill Interpretation Centre

Its first mention goes back to the 15th century. It belonged to the Counts of Oñati until the 19th century. The Count’s servants were obliged to grind their wheat in the San Miguel’s Mill until 1929, when it became a saw mill. Nevertheless, the remains of the old flour mill were preserved, and can be visited in the Tourist Office. Since 1983, the municipality of Oñati owns the mill.

San Miguel’s Medieval Mill, information and guided tours
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The counts and their economic power; how they produced in the Middle Ages.
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A little history

San Miguel’s Mill in Oñati belonged to the stately complex of San Miguel’s Monastery, in which its lay owners, the Count and Countess of Oñati, had the right to receive tithes. In the 15th century, they owned at least three mills located in the valley. The lord’s farmers and those that had their plots and houses on land owned by the monastery were obliged to grind their grain at San Miguel’s Mill. This stately right meant a heavy charge for the peasants, and that is why they tried to confront this right either by disobeying it or by bringing lawsuits against it.

The Mill’s structure

The location and overall structure of the mill can be highlighted as original elements: the “aldapara” or tank that collected the water intended to move the mill remains there, although the water conduit or channel has disappeared.
The last flour stone that was used in the mill remains visible; however, being split, it was not possible to make good use of it. The stones that ground the corn and its corresponding iron turbine are there too, next to those destined to the wheat, as well as the davit to change the stones, the hoppers or boxes…

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It is located in the Oñati Tourist Office.
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