San Miguel Parish Church

It is the perfect example of a temple that has been built over three centuries, by adding elements of different styles. The San Miguel Parish Church building was built in the 15th century, and it is obviously of Gothic style. During that century, the church was extended due to the increase in population. These days, it has four naves that represent the styles of different periods.

Centuries of civil and religious art
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The high altar

The altar is an element that deserves to be highlighted. Its high altarpiece is of a Churrigueresque Baroque style and is dedicated to the Archangel Michael; it is a work by Juan Bautista de Suso.

The crypt

Under the high altar, the 17th century built crypt is the place where the Counts of Guevara were buried. In the crypt there is a Gothic style tomb made of alabaster, in which lays Lord Pedro Vélez de Guevara.

La Piedad Chapel

On one side of the high altar there is the La Piedad Chapel. It is of a Renaissance style and from the artistic point of view it is considered to be the richest burial site in the Basque Country.
It is worth noting the tomb of Rodrigo Mercado de Zuazola, a work by Pierres Picart; yhe mausoleum made of marble from Filabres and attributed to Diego de Siloé, architect of the Granada Cathedral and sculptor of the Golden Staircase in the Burgos Cathedral; the Plateresque style altarpiece organized in squares (1533-1536) that shows several scenes of the New Testament; and the Plateresque style fence, whose upper part refers to the moment in which Jesus is wrapped in the sheet.

The cloister

The cloister should also be noted, which is extraordinary for being built on a river (Ubao). It has a flamboyant Gothic style and was supported economically by Rodrigo Mercado de Zuazola, in exchange for building his own funeral chapel.

The Plateresque altarpiece and other altarpieces in Oñati

The latest constructions in the church are the main entrance of a Baroque style, and the neoclassical tower, both built in the 18th century.

The Plateresque altarpiece and other altarpieces in Oñati

The patrimonial value of the altarpieces in Oñati should be emphasized. We recommend visiting the Plateresque altarpieces (16th century) in the Sancti Spiritus University Chapel, in the La Piedad Chapel in the San Miguel Parish Church (the best work done in this style in the Basque Country), and in Bidaurreta Monastery; as well as the Baroque altarpieces (18th century) in Bidaurreta and the high altar in San Miguel Parish Church; and, finally, the high altar (20th century) in the Sanctuary of Arantzazu.

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