San Martin Park and the caravan service area of Oñati

Next to the caravan service area of Oñati, we find a wonderful oak grove in a wide green area. Several public services are available in this place, such as the picnic area or toilets.

The well-known San Martin Chapel is located in this park. The central altarpiece of the 16th century building is a work by Pierres Picart. From this place, we can contemplate a matchless view of the town; in particular, the Berazao and Lezesarri rural districts, on the right, and the summit of the Aloña mountain, straight in front, one of the summits of the marvellous Aizkorri Natural Park.

San Martin Park is located only 200 m from the historical town -through the greenway or on foot- and 150 m from the bus station -with a service to the Sanctuary of Arantzazu (Sundays and holidays) and to surrounding municipalities-.

San Martin Zuhaiztia Ibilbidea 2
Oñati 20560
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